Loose Your Moobs with Innovations Medical

While enlarged male breasts have been around for many centuries, the embarrassment form having moobs is fairly recent. Moobs or male “boobs” has become a popular term in the media and common speech. As a result of the term moobs and media attention on celebrities with moobs, more men are aware of the problem than ever before.

Fortunately, men with moobs now have a safe and effective treatment. This treatment is called tumescent liposuction. The best results are achieved when modern tools such as SmartLipo are used to achieve skin tightening along with breast reduction. Great results are also more consistently achieved when a powered liposuction system such as Tickle Lipo is used to remove as many fat cells from the area as possible.

Moob liposuction can be done in just over an hour. Most men return to work the next day. Recovery is complete in a week or two. The size reduction is apparent in a few weeks, although skin tightening can continue for several months.