How do I lose my moobs?

When moobs are present the only way to get rid of them is to do so surgically. Even if medical problems, medications or drugs are the cause, once they are there, it takes surgery to get rid of them. Many men that get moobs from being overweight still have them after weight loss. So if surgery is the only treatment to lose the moobs, what kind of surgery works? The great majority of moobs can be fixed using liposuction. The type of liposuction most commonly recommended is known as tumescent liposuction. This is a form of liposuction done in the doctor’s office, under local anesthesia and with the patient awake. To get the best results, some of the newer liposuction tools are usually required. SmartLipo which uses a laser to tighten the skin after the fat is removed is an important tool. This prevents loose or redundant skin that can occur with standard liposuction. It is also beneficial to have a powered liposuction device to make certain that the tough fat around and under the nipple is removed. We prefer the vibro-liposuction or Tickle Lipo device. This allows nearly complete removal of the fat in the breast. The combination of SmartLipo and Tickle Lipo gives great results in about an hour and a half.