How long is the recovery from moob liposuction?

Moob liposuction done using tumescent technique takes about an hour to an hour and a half to perform. Most men can return to work the next day. Swelling usually lasts for 2-3 weeks but can persist for as long as three months. Some bruising is occasionally present, but usually disappears by two weeks. While you will be given some pain medication for the post operative period, most men do not require anything more than ibuprofen after the first 1-3 days. Antibiotics are used for about 5 days to prevent any post operative infections. After the swelling is gone, you may notice some loose skin for several months. However, when SmartLipo is used, skin tightening begins in about 3 months and continues for 6-9 months post operative. The skin tightening occurs from a healing process called collagen remodeling that is a result of proper use of SmartLipo during the procedure. The patient does not have to do anything additional (except avoid weight gain) for this to occur. Although we do not expect to see the final results for 9-12 months, we sometimes recommend a touch up after about 6 months. Our cases require touch up less than 10% of the time.