Who should consider moob liposuction?

Moob liposuction should be considered by any man bothered by the size of his breasts. Some of the common complaints that lead men to have moob liposuction are:

  • Men with larger breasts than desired
  • Men who do not like how they look in shirts
  • Men who have had on increase in breast size from weight gain
  • Men who have had an increase in breast size form medications and are now off the medications and still have moobs
  • Men who have lost weight and the moobs remain

Men who should not consider moob reduction include:

  • Those in puberty including those experiencing a late puberty (continuing to grow in height)
  • Those who are undergoing chemo therapy
  • Some men undergoing hormonal therapy
  • Those with underlying medical conditions that would preclude safe tumescent liposuciton