Innovations Medical & Moob Liposuction

Innovations Medical, created by Dr. Bill Johnson, represents an ongoing push to offer the best treatments for liposuction, body shaping, skin care, and skin tightening.  Innovations Medical is often one of the first practices in the United States to offer new cosmetic technologies to the public.  Dr. Bill Johnson has been practicing medicine in Texas since 1984.  His experience is known across the US and even the World.  In terms of fat transfer, Dr. Johnson is the first physician in the United States to offer Tickle Lipo (Vibro Liposuction) for harvesting fat cells.  Dr. Johnson also mixes Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) into his harvested fat to offer “SmartFat” Fat Transfer procedures.  Innovations Medical’s position as a leader in aesthetics provides patients with services that are on the leading edge of aesthetic medicine technology.  First in so many innovations, our name came naturally.